About Loops

When you engage in a routine that includes physical activity and wellness practices, you can experience any of these four states: Max Performance, Active Recovery, Complete Rest or Stress Responses. We studied the natural flow between each of the states and conceptualized it into a recurring process; we coined this process a ‘Loop’. The activation of one state can result in the activation of another. Though there is no predetermined order of occurence between each state, we strongly believe that completing the appropriate activities dictated by your daily HRV will help facilitate an optimal outcome on a day-to-day basis, while propelling you towards to your long-term health goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to accomplish your health goals.

We believe every human can reach any goal. What's holding us back is our lack of simple information about what is going on inside of our bodies. At Loops, we aim to provide all users with valuable health insights to reach their fitness goals faster.

Loops uses scientifically-backed modelling to provide users with a personalized daily-goal experience that tells them how and when they should push themselves, engage in active recovery or get complete rest to achieve their fitness goals faster, and more efficiently.

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Let loops guide you through the transition from an intense activity, to active recovery and rest - then, turn it into a lifestyle.

Loops differs from other HRV-guided platforms by teaching you that making lifestyle decisions based on your body’s capabilities each day is more important than solely pushing for performance.

Add Loops to your daily routine to accomplish your health goals faster, and more efficiently.

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