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By now, I bet you’re wondering why we decided to call our platform Loops. Apologies for not shedding light on the name earlier, but I wanted to break down the science behind the platform first before dropping Loops on you.

In our previous blog posts, we discussed the various states your body can experience, outlined by your Daily Outlooks, and what activities you can do to make the most out of every day. As a recap, here’s the 4 Daily Outlooks you may receive based on your morning HRV reading:

  • Max Performance Day
  • Active Recovery Day
  • Rest Day
  • Relaxation Day

An outlook can seem random on any given day if you don’t regularly track your HRV. But, once you begin to monitor your routine you will see that each Daily Outlook is dictated somewhat by your activity the previous day. For instance, a long run or highly strenuous workout can result in a Rest Day the following day. Meanwhile, your Daily Outlook following a full night’s rest would indicate that you’re ready to go for that personal record.

The on-going interaction between your daily activities and the next day’s outlook might seem repetitive – well, you’re right – that’s why we call it a Loop.

A loop, as most of us know it, is defined as a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning. We empower you to embrace the “Loops” flow by completing an activity each day that fulfills your Daily Outlook and satisfies wherever you’re at in your Loop.

Take a look at our Guide to Heart Rate Zones and Daily Outlooks post to freshen up on the Daily Outlooks and how to take advantage of them!

There you have it, Loops in its simplest terms embraces the process of pushing yourself on Max Performance Days, taking it slow on Active Recovery Days, and getting complete rest on Rest Days to restore you back to Optimal. Relaxation days occur in your Loop when your nervous system requires relaxation to restore its balance from things such as ignoring rest days, stressful life events, poor sleep, etc.

We differ from other HRV Guided Platforms by teaching you that acting based on your body’s capabilities that day is more beneficial to reach your goals, than just constantly pushing for performance.

So go ahead, take that recovery ride, go to yoga, take a nap – and don’t feel bad about it, because we will always reward you for doing what’s best for your body 🙌